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Hidden Trees

Be-wonder Foundation/RoodPaleis, NL

Choreography & Direction: Betsy Torenbos

Light & Set Design: Yaron Abulafia

Music: Louise Andriessen, Marike Verheul

Video Design: TeZ & Betsy Torenbos

Dramaturgy: Sophie Kassies

Camera: Wout Boekeloo, Betsy Torenbos

Photos by © Karel Zwaneveld

World premiere at Grand Theatre, Groningen, the Netherlands - September 2008

Theatre & Opera

Hidden Trees celebrates life stories of members from the oldest generation in Europe. In front of a camera, the interviewees tell about love, death, violence and reconciliation. And about the little things, that got already forgotten in the rush.

The past, the present and what is in between gets intertwined in a new story with contemporary dance, (live) music and film on stage.