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Woestijn-jasmijntjes (Desert Jasmines)

George & Eran Productions / De Toneelmakerij, NL

Text: George Elias Tobal

Director: Eran Ben-Michaël

Light & Scenography: Yaron Abulafia

Costume design: Catherine Henegan

Dramaturgy: Paulien Geerlings

Actors: Denise Aznam, Peter van Heeringen, Milan Sekeris, Jonata Taal

Photos by © Sanne Peper

World premiere at De Krakeling Theatre, Amsterdam - October 2018

Theatre & Opera

Desert Jasmine is an ode to fantasy. It is poetic performance about father and daughter, courage and innocence. A modern fairy tale about a father who simultaneously shows his daughter the most beautiful flowers in a valley of sadness and misery, playing in the theatre of life in a way reminiscent of Roberto Benigni’s film La Vita è Bella.

While fleeing their homeland at war, the father fights reality and fortifies his daughter by escaping into the realms of fantasy - until the troubling reality invades.

Desert Jasmine was nominated for the Zapp Theater Award 2018.

"The performance goes on a sliding scale from exciting fairy tale to harsh reality - ending in the chilly light where the Ice Queen guards the gate (all subtly enhanced by the light design by Yaron Abulafia)."
A review in the Dutch Theatre Journal by Sander Janssens