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Peer Gynt

The Hungarian State Theatre of Cluj, Romania

Text: Henrik Ibsen

Director: David Zinder

Scenography: Miriam Guretzki

Light design: Yaron Abulafia

Costume design: Carmencita Brojboiu

Music: Zsolt Lászlóffy

Dramaturgy: Andras Visky

Choreography: Melinda Jakab

Photos by © István Biró

World premiere at The Hungarian State Theatre of Cluj, Romania - March 2008

Theatre & Opera

Inspired by a Nordic folk tale, the play features the decadent life story of Peer Gynt in search of his ‘true self’. The play bears philosophical and religious and mythical influences, full of wit, and occasionally nearly satirical. The premise of this production is about ‘becoming’. It is about an endless search for a kind of personal establishment, or accomplishment, which never happens.


The Cluj production of Peer Gynt, directed by David Zinder, won the first CEZ prize for lighting design (supported by PHILIPS), out of all the productions between 2006-2008.

"…A performance where the light, while it visually emphasizes the moments of the action, embraces the characters and the scene and unifies the creation of Ibsen dramatically but also with deep lyricism. Beside the actors, the light comments in a unique way on the complex states of mind of the characters. It is thus fantastic how the light follows Solveig’s (Anikó Pethő) face until they form a unity – an aureole that is external, but reflects mainly internal light.

The lighting obtains, thanks to Yaron Abulafia’s vision, a unique musicality, by expressing emotions in a flexible and lyrical way, but also in a transfiguration related to the cathartic essence of authentic theatre. "
(Luminita Batali, Painting with Light, a review published in Romanian in the journal Ziarul de duminică)