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Ballett Augsburg, Germany

Choreography: Itzik Galili

Light design and sculptural lighting: Yaron Abulafia

Music: Percossa

Costume design: Natasja Lansen

Photos by © Nik Schölzel

World premiere at Theater Augsburg, Augsburg - February 2014


A peripatetic cube of forty-five par lamps is moving on stage, providing the key light for a solo or duet and like a headlamp or a torch light, pointing something up while enveloping the rest of the space in shadow.

The dance is earthy, floor-bound and tribal, especially in conjunction with the rolling, densely layered rhythms of the Dutch percussive ensemble, Percossa. The piece has electrifying dynamics and ritual quality, especially when the light-cube seems to be an idol or an altar for worshipers against the background of the drums.