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Stuttgart Ballet

Choreography: Roman Novitzky

Scenography & Light Design: Yaron Abulafia

Music composer: Marc Strobel

Costume Design: Aliki Tsakalou

Photos by © Stuttgart Ballet

World premiere at Schauspiel Stuttgart, Germany - November 2019


The creation of IMPULS begun as an exploration around the relationship between human and spatial movement (of dancers and scenography) and music/sound.

The piece focusses on form and dynamics, energy and tempo, and does not consist in a narrative structure. Throughout the 3 parts of the piece, there are different relationships between the dance and music, the dancers and the drum player, and the evolution of the space in terms of scale, revelation of the string walls surrounding the stage, the position and orientation of the luminous ring above the drummer and the two long lighting batteries above the stage. The ideas for the scenography and lighting sculptures emerged from notions such as vibrations, circularity and vertical lines on the floor and in the air (originate from the drumming activity) and change of scales.

Roman Novitzky’s Impuls was a work with the music firmly embedded in the dance. Percussionist/ composer, Marc Strobel took his place on the stage, and remained there for the duration, the physicality of his playing integrating him into the dance. The design and lighting, by Yaron Abulafia, also assumed a prominent role effectively shaping the physical dimensions of the stage.”
(Critical Dance, Maggie Foyer, published online on 30 November 2019)