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Dream Pursuers - Act 2

Shenzhen Opera & Dance Theatre Company

Director: Fei Bo (The National Ballet of China)

Script: Xu Rui

Light Design: Yaron Abulafia

Stage Design: Wang Jing

Video Design: Tianji Hu

Music Composer: Liu Tong

Costumes Design: Donglin Yang

Photos by © Liu Yang, Yin Xuefeng, Wilson Tong

World premiere at the Grand Theatre Shenzhen, China - November 2019


Dream Pursuers is a Chinese Modern Dance Drama which revolves around the story of five young protagonists who struggle to establish a new business in the emerging city of Shenzhen.

Against the background of cultural changes and the challenges they face as well as joys, they fight to pursuit their dreams. The relationships between the 3 leading characters, and their 2 partners develop through a sequence of emotional and expressive duets, trios and group sections that lead toward a mesmerizing Typhoon scene, followed by a serene final scene in Act 2.