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Company Chameleon, UK

Choreography: Kevin Edward Turner

Light design: Yaron Abulafia

Music: Miguel Marin Pavon

Costume design: Emma Bailey

Dramaturgy: Andrew Loretto

Photos by © Joel Chester Fields

World premiere at The House, Plymouth University Theatre, the UK - October 2016


Witness turns the spotlight on mental health in an original and moving portrayal of how loved ones’ cope, when mental health problems take hold of someone close. 

Powerful and deeply personal, the piece tells the story of choreographer, Kevin Edward Turner, following his journey and struggle with mental health and the impact it had on him and his loved ones.

Featuring a rich mix of dance and movement styles - athletic lifts, dynamic movements and moments of fragility and sensitivity – in intimate solos, emotive duets and powerful ensembles that combine to create a view of mental health, which is simply unforgettable. Touching, sad, funny and absurd, this is relevant and up-to-the-minute dance theatre.