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The Casualities of Memory

The Dance Company of Amsterdam, NL

Choreography: Itzik Galili

Light design: Yaron Abulafia

Costume Design: Natasja Lansen

Music: Michael Gordon, Steve Reich, and Billie Holiday

Photos by © Karel Zwaneveld

World premiere at Schouwburg Amsterdam - November 2009


This full-length piece climaxes with a mesmerizing 23 minutes-long solo of Helena Volkov called Little Tiny Bite. Her movements are interwoven with a monologue, creating a fascinating flow of associations, emotions and contradictions, and switching identities between an innocent child, Lolita-like youngster and an adult woman looking back at her rough childhood. Her character is intensely flawed – cool on the outside, crushed on the inside.


For this part of the performance, the idea was to situate the lonely character in limbo, a black void, represented by an undefined ‘abstract’ space that constantly and slowly goes through transformation.


Within the dark space, suspended from the fly tower long strips of little lamps moved extremely slowly, like a kinetic sculpture. Various patterns of intensity changes and dynamics of brightness within the strips changed, adjusting the look and the tempo of flow or glittering within the strips. The movement was constant but very slow, hardy noticed by spectators, and time seemed to pause… in the middle of it, the dancer was illuminated in a soft circle of light, using a follow spot as a top light from the portal bridge.