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Each Other

The Scottish Ballet, UK

Choreography & costume design: Uri Ivgi & Johan Greben

Light design: Yaron Abulafia

Music: Tom Parkinson

Photos by © Andy Ross & © SNS Group Glasgow Life

World premiere at Tramway as part of Dance International Glasgow Festival - April 2017


Each Other touches us in other ways, tapping into our very human need to belong. 
Two tons of shows replicate the walls and borders that separate us – existing or planned – sculpted into piles by the dancers to form partitions or islands.

Each shoe, we are to assume, represents the human who once wore it, provoking untold stories in our head beyond the ones we witness on stage.

Powerful, exciting, engaging and thought-provoking.

"As shafts of light (created by lighting designer Yaron Abulafia) penetrate through the gloom of the workspace, men carry symbols of aspiration into the space like beacons of hope—new shiny red shoes all picked out and lit by Abulafia like diamonds in a mine."
(Lorna Irvine, Of Human Bondage, published here.)