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'Samsara' at the Arts Centre Melbourne

October 24th, 2019

Choreographers/Performers: Aakash Odedra, Hu Shenyuan

Light Design: Yaron Abulafia

Composer: Nicki Wells

Costume: K H Lee

Dramaturg: Lou Cope

Set Designer: Tina Tzoka

Technical Director: Salvatore Scollo

The vast histories, philosophies and cultures of China and India meet in this breathtaking new work of dance and storytelling.
Samsara, inspired by the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West, traces the steps we take, both forward and backward, in search of our higher selves.

Drawing on thinking and imagery at the heart of Buddhist philosophy, it explores some of the 81 obstacles and 6 states of mind that can hold us back.
Epic mythological storytelling merges with personal experience and anecdote from two globally opposite perspectives, in a highly visual landscape.

World premiere on March 5th 2020 at the Arts Centre Melbourne.