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De Brieven van Mia (‘The Letters of Mia’)

March 7th, 2021

TextGeorge Elias Tobal

DirectorEran Ben-Michaël

Scenography, light and projectionsYaron Abulafia

Scenography AssistantIliana Mantouvalou

CostumesDymph Boss

ActorsPeter van Heeringen, Gonca Karasu, Britte Lagcher, David Lucieer Liza Macedo dos Santos, Milan Sekeris

Co-production George & Eran Productions and ROSE stories

Photography and design Curly and straight

The Letters of Mia is an exciting, poetic and musical performance about an unlikely friendship between two people from two different worlds. It is a story in which past and present meet. A story about hope and consolation, about love and hate, about a new beginning after a painful history.

While cleaning up the attic of the old Jewish Dutchman Isa Cohen in a social involvement school project, Leila the Syrian girl uncovers a pile of old letters. The letters turn out to be from Mia, Mr Cohen's adolescence love who disappeared during World War II. Determined, Leila decides to unravel the mystery surrounding the letter writer. Together with Mr. Cohen, she finds herself on an exciting journey through the past to find Mia's fate. Who was Mia and what happened to her? And could it be that she survived the war?