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XXI Lighting Seminar in Mexico-City

February 18th, 2019

IES Mexico Section organizes the most important conference about lighting technology and design in Mexico.

Yaron Abulafia has been invited to present some of his lighting designs at the Annual Lighting Seminar.

This year the XXI Lighting Seminar will take place in Mexico-City on April 3rd-4th, 2019. Click here for more info.

PQ 2019 Jury Member

February 12th, 2019

Dr. Yaron Abulafia has been appointed as PQ Jury member for the Prague Quadrennial 2019. He will join as one of 11 international jury members including: Kate Bailey, Jim Clayburgh, Tim Foster, Dorita Hannah, Robert Kaplowitz, Sodja Lotker, Sofia Pantouvaki, Omar Rajeh, Monica Raya and Liu Xinglin.

PQ Ambassador title to Dr. Yaron Abulafia

February 7th, 2019

The new title of PQ Ambassador will be offered each edition of PQ to the members of the jury and to those whose work and contributions to the global performance design community embody the ideals of excellence, advocacy, and collaboration on the international level. PQ Ambassadors are people, who have been valuable assets in developing PQ into a vibrant network and their knowledge and expertise will continue to be a resource for PQ teams in the future.

The mission of the PQ Ambassadors´ program is to recognize outstanding achievements in the field of design for performance with emphasis on cross-generational interaction and experience sharing in order to raise awareness and advocate development of performance design profession in underrepresented areas. The PQ Ambassadors promote PQ amongst general public and performance professionals worldwide, as well as to support PQ Leadership with their precious wisdom and experience that we value with high respect.

The first PQ Ambassadors announced are:

Sodja Lotker, Dorita Hannah, Jim Clayburgh, Liu Xinglin, Sofia Pantouvaki, Kate Bailey, Pamela Howard, Rob Kaplowitz, Omar Rajeh, Mónica Raya, Yaron Abulafia, Jennifer Tipton, Arnold Aronson, Tim Foster, and Simona Rybáková.

Comedy of Errors with Ballet Theater Basel

January 23rd, 2019

Shakespeare’s ‘Comedy of Errors’ as a ballet?
At first sight this seems an unusual combination. In his new ballet Richard Wherlock will examine themes that are directly connected to the realities of our digital lives and can also be found in Shakespeare’s comedy: confusion and misunderstanding.

Shakespeare’s ‘The Comedy of Errors’ is one of its author’s earliest plays. It is based on a comedy by the Roman dramatist Plautus, whose play of mistaken identity about two twins was doubled by Shakespeare who also sharpened the psychological dimension of its underlying conflict. This double doubling of the characters offers a wealth of material for situation comedy and farce. An elaborate farce develops in which everyone always runs into the wrong twin at precisely the wrong moment.

Inspired by Shakespeare’s early work, Richard Wherlock choreographs his ballet as a dizzying and hilarious firework display of mistaken identities to a driving and pulsating score by the musician and composer Antony Genn, whose work includes the music for the successful British TV series ‘Peaky Blinders’.


Choreography: Richard Wherlock

Musical Direction: Thomas Herzog, Antony Genn, Martin Slattery

Light Design: Yaron Abulafia

Stage Design: Bruce French

Costume Design: Catherine Brickhill

Dramaturgy: Gregor Acuña-Pohl, Bettina Fischer

Performed by Ballett Theater Basel

Music performed by The Symphonic Orchestra of Basel


January 15th, 2019

This March, Yaron will be working again with the duo-choreographers Uri Ivgi & Johan Greben, this time at BALLETTO TEATRO DI TORINO.

He will be reworking the piece DOCUMENT which will get its premier on 3rd April 2019 in the Schrittmacher Festival 2019 in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

The piece was originally created during 2014 for Phoenix Dance Theatre, UK in 2014.

Mentoring choreographers at Institut del Teatre, Barcelona

January 10th, 2019